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Women's Hair Care

Women's Hair Cut

Expert sytlist will consult with you on the desired style and length and your everyday styling needs. Service includes cut, shampoo and style.


Children's Hair Cut

Expert stylist will discuss style and length of hair desired. Service includes cut, shampoo and style.



Want to try a new style with your long hair? Maybe a braid for the summer. Children's braiding aslo available.


Blow-Dry and Style



Make-up for everyday or a special occasion. Please request 24 hours ahead of time.


Chemical Relaxing

Chemically re-texturizing the structure of hair permanently to create length, control and smoothness for erratically textured hair. Service includes chemical process, shampoo and style.


Color Application

Expert colorist will discuss service needed. Consultation will determine base color, full color, color gloss or color refresher. Service includs color applicaiton, shampoo and style.



An updo can come in many different styles. It can be straight, textured, wispy, worn loose with stylish curls, pulled back into an intricate knot at the nape or pulled tight for a more eye-catching appeal. Service includes consultation and style.


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