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Top 5 Braids

I think I can speak for the entire hair industry when I say that Braids will never go out of style. They are one of the most versatile and stylish hair trends, we can gladly say is a classic! Here at Gloss we LOVE braids and try to incorporate them into all styles and always keep up to date on what the next new braid will be. This post is dedicated to the Top 5 Braids in style right now!

1. Rope Braid

The most traditional of all braids, and will probably never go out of style! It is a hair style formed by interweaving three or more strands of hair and is the base of pretty much any other braid.

2. Fishtail Braid

gloss the salon fishtail braid

The most "stylish" of the braids. We know this style can be worn casual and even very elegant and formally. We see this braid a lot on the red carpet and can be a great base for a messy updo. A fishtail braid resembles a French braid in its smoothly woven appearance, but divides the hair into only two sections instead of three. It looks like a mermaid or fish tail (hence the name).

3. French Braid

gloss the salon french braid

When I was a little girl, my mom could not french braid and I would be so jealous of the girls coming to school with their cute french braids and french braid pig tails! I definitely think we never grew out of that phase, as we see this style so often on big celebs like Kylie Jenner and Blake Lively. The french braid is different than the rope braid because the strands are taken from different sections of the hair each time, making it more "stuck" to your head.

4. Dutch Braid

gloss the salon dutch braid

This is a popular braid, however most don't know the name of it! It is basically an inside out french braid! It sits on top of the head instead of underneath. Most cornrows are made from dutch braids!

5. Intergrated Braids

gloss the salon intergrated braids

A super fun braid! This is for you creatives out there. So many braids can be made and braided together creating a unique, one of a kind look!

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