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5 Must Have Hair Tools

We all know that our bathrooms are filled with half used products, that self heating round brush we "had to buy" and so many other hair tools that we may hardly or never use! But what are the 5 BEST hair tools you should have? The stylists at Gloss The Salon have put their heads together and decided these would be the top picks for their clients...

1. Wet Brush

If you haven't heard the buzz about the Wet Brush, we are here to say, they are AMAZING! A must have for any stylist or any client (or anyone with hair in all honesty). It is a little known fact that our hair is at its weakest point when it is wet, which means brushing your hair when it is wet can be damaging and I know we are all to blame for pulling and tugging on those knots. Well this is the best detangling brush out there and it is so inexpensive! We sell them here at the salon too, make sure to ask your stylist for more info or even ask to try one out.

2. Heat Protectant

There are so many hair products we recommend to clients, and believe me, we only recommend what will be good for you. But heat protectant is crucial for everyone! We know what happens to our skin when we don't wear SPF, right? Same thing with hair, the UV damage for your hair is real along with all of the heat damage we put on it from blow dryers and styling tools. This is your insurance to keep the split ends at bey and keep your shine in your hair!

3. Scrunchies!

Sounds crazy right? We are bringing the 90's back with this one. However, scrunchies do so little damage to our hair when we pull it up. Especially if you work out or pull your hair up more than most people. You won't see noticeable damage from hairties from the once a week pony tail, but excessively pulling our hair up can also cause breakage, which is why scrunchies are amazing for working out or the excessive pony tail girl (haha).

4. Blow Dryer Nozzle

Now this one may be a surprise to a lot of clients... When you get a new blow dryer, most people throw away the extra pieces, but those are important!! When you blow dry your hair, you want to keep the cuticle (outer layer of your hair) sealed down, so your hair looks smooth and when you use the nozzle, you are able to control the air flow coming out of the blow dryer. When you just use the blowdryer alone, that is when you tend to see frizziness or dullness from the blowout which can look like dead ends or unhealthy hair. In reality, a good blow dry is everything!

5. Good Quality Hot Tools

One thing we wanted to touch on in this blog post is the difference between a good quality heating tool and a mediocre one.. It is the heating settings. You want to make sure that the tool you have can be set at a specific temperature. This is so important to the health of your hair. So many people think they need their tools at the hottest setting to get the most out of their tool, but this isn't the case. Having a lower setting can still do what it is that it needs to do, while keeping the integrity of your hair strong.

Now that you know what our favorite tools would be, do you have any of these or need to stock up on something?

If you have any questions about tools and where to buy them, ask your stylist or send us an email, we are always here to help you and your hair :-)

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