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How To Keep Your Hair Color Fresh, Longer!

1. Good Product!

This one seems obvious, but you would be surprised at how many clients spend hundreds of dollars in the salon for a beautiful color and only a few dollars on shampoo and conditioner. Most non-professional brands use alcohol and wax derived ingredients, which can easily strip the color and shine out of your hair. Especially with toned blondes, this can cause a huge problem in between hair appointments. When you spend a lot of money on a new car, you want to get great insurance on that car, right? Same goes for hair care!

2. Cold Water Washes

We know that it is no fun showering in cold water, trust us! But it is great to help save your hair color. Especially for those fantasy colors or toned blondes, this helps tremendously! When you wash your hair in hot water, you often times are opening the outer layer of the hair strand (where the color molecules live) and with that can strip your color quicker.

3. Dry Shampoo!

Much like the last tip, washing your hair is obviously the quickest way for your color to fade, but going those extra few days without a wash can help preserve it for longer! Invest in a good dry shampoo so you wont feel the need to kick the grease. This will even help the integrity of your hair in general, so it’s a win win.

4. Color Seals and Glosses

This is an in salon treatment, however can do so much good for the preservation of your salon hair color! Ask your stylist to add this on to your appointment. It helps to seal that outer layer of your hair strands and lock the color in tighter and more effectively. This way you will feel that post salon shine for weeks.

5. Avoiding Damage

I think we all try to avoid damage to our hair at all times, but environmental (like the sun, etc) and heat styling damage can actually dull your color quicker. When we have split ends, they become porous, meaning they absorb quick and release quick. That means color, product, water, etc. When we have damaged hair, sometimes color can look darker, more vibrant even, but as fast as it came in, it goes. This is why the integrity of your hair is so important! Making sure you are using heat protectant, great styling products, low heat on your styling tools and getting hair cuts and treatments regularly can all help keep your hair beautiful and shiny no matter what!

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